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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Useful information for international students

Insurance reminder
This is a reminder that all students who do not have a Swedish personal identity number and are not exchange students must have their own health insurance in Sweden. It is extremely important that all students are insured as an accident or illness without health insurance is an extremely large amount in Sweden. For details of one available insurance students can refer to our homepage.

Two other options that may be useful for students because of their flexibility are:

Insurance Passport for Students (IPS) – This insurance is easily registered for online at a cost of approximately 37 euro/month.

Aon Student Insurance – This insurance is easily registered for online at an approximate cost of 44 euro/month.

Bus rebate
Don’t forget that the bus rebate for those aged between 20-25 starts on January 1st. It is a 25% discount when buying a period card from Västtrafik. There is already a discount for those younger than 20 years of age.

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  1. Why the age limit is between 20-25? I will get 30 of December 26 years old and continuing my master studies over here. So it means no bus discount for me:(