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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trip to the Swedish forest

Three adventurous international students took the chance to accompany a Swedish high school into a forest. The students, Melissa (Shijie) Hao, Usman Saeed Siddiqui, and Alexander Hardt-Stremayr, were invited by an English teacher, Daniel Lekman, at John Bauer high school so that the Swedish students would have a chance to practice their English while also educating the international students about the Right of Public Access Day.

The students were treated to an action packed day as they travelled out to a nearby forest to practice making fires by cooperating with a group of high school students using only English. It was certainly not an easy task as each group was only given one knife and two matches to make their fire using the wet firewood they had to gather. In the end the students succeeded, and were treated to a lunch back at the high school with the rest of the class.

Melissa, Usman, and Alexander all enjoyed the trip.

“Personally we think that such exchanges between Swedish students and international students is an amazing opportunity for both sides to learn about each other.”

When asked what they found most interesting about the trip the students had this to say.

“Well the most interesting that we learned was surely about the Swedish Right of Public Access. It was a very educating experience for us to learn how the laws prevent the destruction of nature and also ensures that other people are not harassed in any way.”

However, the student’s insights were not strictly limited to Swedish laws.

“We learned about keeping a camp clean for others to use also after we had used it so that other who might come after us at the barbecue spot might not face the difficulty of cleaning the place if we had left it unclean. They are also very concerned about their surroundings and go to great length to ensure that nature stays as it is and nothing is destroyed in the name of having a good time.”

The above quote is certainly a great example of how students can learn about the Swedish culture. Any while cultural learning was an added benefit of the trip, it was the only reason for the students to make the trip.

“The reason that we all did this was because it presented us a great opportunity to explore the great outdoors of the Swedish country side. We all wanted to explore nature as we had heard a lot about the beauty of the Swedish forests. We also wanted to interact with students from the high school so that we can gain a more in-depth knowledge about their schooling system and what are their interests and likings.”

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  1. Please note that Usman Saeed Siddiqui took part in this trip and not Muhammed Usman Hayet as I initially wrote. Apologies for the mistake.