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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inauguration and opening of the StudentCentre

On Monday, January 19th, the new StudentCentre will open for new students. The StudentCentre has been built with the goal of having one central place where students can take receive administrative help, and support from the variety of services available at the university.

The StudentCentre is located on the third floor (one floor above ground level) of the B-corridor.

For the spring term the following services will be available, while in the long-term all support services will be moving there such as career services, international students services, and more.

  • basic study transcripts & grades (transcripts or documents where the University needs to write specific information should still be collected from the student expedition at your department)
  • handing out of completed exams
  • supplying information material and forms
  • basic computer support
  • basic student administrative issues

Friday, January 16th the StudentCentre will be inaugurated. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend the inauguration on floor 3B at 13.00. Hope to see you there!


  1. Hej!!
    international students addresses in pingpong or university database is not updated. moreover, pingpong address change tab is not working. we can not change it. is there any body who can do something in this regards?

  2. Hi Javed,

    For PingPong to be updated students need to be registered for their courses for the term with the student expedition. If this is done and the courses are not in Ping Pong then you should speak to your professor about this.

    I need to explore the problem related to the changing of address in Ping Pong. I will update you shortly.

  3. Hey again Javed,

    There shouldn't be any address in Ping Pong. Do you possibly mean Mitt Konto (My account) instead? If so you can email linda.olausson@hb.se and she can fix your address.

    Email me if this does not work.