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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New students arrive eager to experience Swedish culture

Nearly 70 exchange students are coming to Borås to study at UB for the spring term. The students come from countries as far away as Indonesia while some come from nearby neighbours such as Finland. For those of you who are exchange students, the adjustment process of living in a new city, new culture, being away from family and friends, all while getting used to a new academic system can be a challenge. Part of our job at the university is to help students adjust to these things so you can concentrate on your studies. This is why we always appreciate when we have time to help you get oriented to the university during the introduction period.

You can find some pictures from introduction below as well as some thoughts from Jérémy Huyghe, an exchange student from Institut d'administration des entreprises Lille in France.

What made you want to come to University of Borås?
"The University of Borås provide good lectures which perfectly matched the ones provided in my home University. I also have been told that the place is good to live in, with many students, so that there are many young people to meet."

What made you want to study abroad?
"I wanted to experience a foreign culture for myself. Sweden and the Scandinavian culture are quite well appreciated in France. I wanted to see it with my own eyes. Studying abroad is quite easy nowadays thanks to Erasmus program. Moreover, i'm not working yet. So i realized that now is my chance to study abroad."

How have you enjoyed your initial time in Borås?
"I really have enjoyed my initial time in Borås. The other exchange students are really nice, so are the clerks at the university (i mean Douglas and Lena). Even if i am discovering new places and a new environment, all of them just help me to feel like home over here. So far, that's great.

What were your thoughts on the introduction period? Any highlights?
"I think that the welcome dinner will be the highlight of this introduction period. i'm already looking forward to being on Friday."

Thanks Jérémy! Do you have any pictures to publish from the dinner? That applies to all students who attended by the way.

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