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Monday, February 23, 2009

Many Engineers among the new labour immigrants

The new labour immigration laws seem to be an immediate effect. Especially among engineers and IT specialists. Included below is a short article from the main page of the Migration Board.

Since the new labour immigration rules came into force on 15 December last year the Migration Board has decided on 1,000 cases. Altogether 826 people have been granted permits, among others 274 IT specialists and 82 Masters of Engineering.

Most of the applicants are from India, China and the US. A total of some
2,000 people have applied for work and residence permits and 1,000 cases have
been settled. Up to now 82 per cent of the applicants have been granted permits.
Most of the applications are from India, where 566 people have applied for work
and residence permits. The Board has received 226 applications from China, 73
from Thailand, 96 from the US and 65 from Serbia.

The most common professions among those who have been granted permits

- IT specialists, 274 permits granted
- Masters of Engineering, 82 permits granted
- Engineers and technicians, 39 permits granted
- Business economists, 32 permits granted
- Employees within large-scale households and the restaurant trade, 28 permits granted.

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