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Friday, February 27, 2009

Renewal of residence permits

If you intend on staying in Sweden beyond the date your residence permit expires then you will need to extend it with the Migrations Board.

The renewal process can unfortunately sometimes take more time than expected. While students are allowed to stay in the country when waiting for a decision as long as the renewal was sent in before the original permit expires, this can create problems for students who will be leaving Sweden or the Schengen area.

Without a valid visa, you will not be let back into the country or the Schengen countries. There are ways to still get an extension while out of the country, which I will describe below.

I recommend all students apply as earlier as possible for a renewal.

Below I will describe the process for:
- Master students
- Swedish preparing for academic studies

I will also discuss what students should do in the following situations:
- Students who need an extension quickly
- Students who did not receive the extension in time and are outside Sweden without a valid residence permit

Master students
Master students who have another year left to complete can apply for a visa as soon as they have 30 ECTS.

Master students who are delayed due to their thesis work or unfinished courses need a letter from the university stating how much time you have left. You should first contact the administrator at their department (Solveig Klug at IH, Carina Kauppi at THS), who can contact your professors or thesis supervisors, before they write the letter for you.

Swedish preparing for academic studies students
Your residence permit renewal is relient on you being accepted to the bachelor programme. To be accepted to the bachelor programme you need to pass all your 60 ECTS from the Swedish language course. This can be done at earliest in mid to late June.

Rush extensions (due to travels)
The first thing to do is to apply for an extension as early as possible. When sending in the application make sure it is complete, and that you also include a letter explaining why you would like to get the extension as soon as possible. If you do not receive the extension in time, and leave the country you will then be relient on receiving the extension from your embassy in the country you are in. See the details below.

Extensions from outside of Sweden (due to travels)
If you do not receive your extension before leaving Sweden then it is possible to get it from the Swedish embassy in the country you are located in. To do so the Swedish Migration Board must first have accepted your extension application. You should also notify them that you intend on getting your extension from a foreign embassy. Then you will need to contact the foreign embassy and visit them to get the extension stamp. You will not be able to get back in Sweden until you have this stamp, so it is at your own risk you leave Sweden.

Application process:
Applications are can be sent either online or by normal post.

1. Online applications - Students can apply online through the Migrations Board homepage using the link to "Electronic forms" link. Note that these applications will be handled by the Norrköping office.

2. Post applications - Students can send their documents by normal post to the Göteborg office. The Örebro office does not take care of extensions. The application forms is available online here. The address to send the documents to is:
428 80 Kållered

If anything is unclear please do not be afraid to ask in the comments section.

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