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Monday, March 16, 2009

Chinese cultural week summary

After a successful week the Chinese cultural week has concluded. It was a busy week starting with the popular opening ceremony frequented by a number of students. The students organising the week did a wonderful job providing different multimedia displays each day and two movies throughout the week.

Students has certainly increased their understanding of Chinese culture and were able to have fun doing so, which is always a bonus. I think we owe all the organisers a big thank you for their work in educating us about China, and hopefully starting a trend for other nationalities to follow, which will encourage future cultural weeks.
Hao Shijie had this to say when asked why she was so interested in organising the week.

"It is important to share our own knowledge and latest information about
our country with the othersand bring new energy to promote the
international communication and understanding. That’s also the way not only
to show our patriotism, but also a way to find out what we have in common
between cultures, and to learn the good values from others' culture. Things like respect each other, love, peace, kind-heartedness, love their countries, honour, and sincerity. Etc. These are the foundation of building a harmonious world. So in the long run, such activities can also strengthen this kind of foundation."

Students showed their interest in movies as well when they were given the chance to view Fearless and Letter From an Unknown Women. Hao Shijie took some time to explain Letter from an Unknown for those who haven't seen the movie.

"The main memory from that night is that students were still immersed
in the feeling of movie after the movie endeded, and did not want to leave
because they were still thinking about the movie. Students who watched this movie all agree that this movie is a very good story to explain what the true love is about - no requirements, no complaint, even no dignity, can bear any painful because of love, love a person without any precondition for the whole life.

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