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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to start a business in Sweden - Seminar

Drivhuset is arranging a seminar exploring how to start a business in Sweden

Get the knowledge you need from:

Mariah ben Salem Dynehäll, manager of Drivhuset in Gothenburg
Mariah talks about the right business form, where you must register to get started, what your obligations are as a tax-payer and employer, and what the most necessary is in getting your business going!

Douglas Washburn, international coordinator
Make sure you are up to date regarding the new labour regulations that apply for international students in Sweden. Learn more about the rules that apply in regards to working during and after their studies or to start a company.

Susanne Håkansson, career counsellor
Learn more about how to apply for jobs in Sweden and how to better prepare yourself for your job search. This includes tips on how to write a Swedish CV as well as how to begin the search for finding a job, including both part-time work and starting your career after your
Do you have specific questions you would like answered?
Please email them to douglas.washburn@hb.se no later than April 8th.

Where: D207
When: 16:15 on April 15th
Registration is mandatory: The deadline is April 8th, sign up online here.
All the information will be held in English

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