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Friday, April 24, 2009

International Student Committee: Now is the time to join

If you are going to be in Borås next fall term and are interested in meeting the new international students then you should join the International Student Committee (ISC).

What is the International Student Committee and what do they do?
The ISC is a student run and organised group who plan and organise activities for new international students, mainly during the welcome period.

The ISC has a crucial role in helping new students feel welcome at the University, and in serving as a student buddy for new students who are new in Borås and in Sweden. Integrating new students with returning international students and with Swedish students is another important role of the group.

Plan tours around the city, trips, welcome dinners, sporting events, ice skating, and more. Basically any kind of activity that you think will be fun and that students will like.

Why join the ISC?
The main reason for joining the group is because you like meeting new students, arranging activities, and having fun alongside other students.

It also gives valuable experience in planning projects, implementing events, and helps you develop social skills that can build your CV. If you want to study abroad, being a member of the ISC even increases your chances of getting a study abroad place from your academic school.

Who can join the ISC?
International and foreign students are welcome. The more the merrier.

How to join the ISC?
English speaking students can contact Katarzyna Iwanek at mailto:X080135@utb.hb.se
Swedish speaking students can contact Marika Lindberg at marika.lindberg@hotmail.com
They can inform you about the next meeting and how to join the facebook group for the ISC.

More questions?
Just contact one of the students listed above.

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