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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Open invite this Friday for international students to visit a Swedish high school

John bauergymnasiet, a high school in Borås, is inviting international students to visit their school this Friday, April 17th. They are hoping international students can discuss differences between their home culture and Swedish culture with the rest of the class. Read below for more details and their invitation:
Have you been in cultural situations you felt were weird while in Sweden?
Do you frequently find yourself in akward misunderstandings?
Have you found yourself in situations where you don't understand what’s going on?
Are you familiar with the expression “culture collision”?

I would like to invite you to a open discussion with my high school students (16 years old) where you can share your experiences. My name is Daniel Lekman and I’m teaching a basic course in psychology. We are going to start looking into social psychology and start by talking about norms, groups and culture. As a vivid example of what a norm or a culture is I would like you to come and discuss some differences between your culture and Swedish culture that you have noticed.

The discussion is during an English session and the teacher is Cecilia Torbjörnsson.

When: Friday, April 17th at 14.00
Where: John bauergymnasiet school located at Älvsborgsgatan 4
Map: View this link for a map. We will meet you at the entrance.

How to attend: Send an email to Daniel.lekman@johnbauer.nu. First come first service

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