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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Residence permit renewal seminar, April 20, Reminder

The Migrations Board from Göteborg will be coming to the university on April 20th to explain to students exactly how you should go about renewing your residence permits.

Make sure you apply correctly and avoid any problems by attending the seminar.

You can find out how to apply, ask any questions directly to the people from Göteborg who will be handling the extensions, collect the needed forms, and get answers to the following questions.

- How to apply for the renewal?
- What forms and documents to send in?
- What to do if you transferring universities?
- What to do if you want to leave the country and your residence permit expires?
- How do you prove your finances?
- Is it necessary to go to Göteborg to get the stamp in your passport?
- What is the quickest way to get an extension?

There will also be an open Q & A session for all students.

When: April 20th, 16.30-17.30
Where: D207

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