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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preparation for moving home - Important tips

The time to go home is fast approaching for everyone. While exams are likely to be on your minds I would like to remind all students of a few tasks that are a help to the university and students arriving next year..

1. Give notice you are leaving your student room
If you are leaving this term or your programme finishes this term you will need to move out. Giving notice in advance is very critical in helping newly arriving students who are looking for accommodation. Please contact your landlord as soon as possible to inform them you are planning on moving out. Don't forget to return your keys as well

2. Return your access card
Please return your access card. You can leave it in a small box next to the reception at the entrance to Balder. During opening hours you can also leave it at the Student Centre.

3. Return your library books and your patron card
Make sure to return any books you have loaned and to return your patron card. Speak to the personnel at the information desk of the library to return your card.

4. Confirmation of studies letters, other documents
Do you have any documents you need signed? Try to get them signed in advance.


  1. Oh, and if you need to stick anything in storage Big Yellow Storage (http://bigyellow.co.uk) are offering a 25% student discount. If you check the site they likely have one in your ideal area.

  2. Also make sure that you leave NOTHING behind!

    Double check everywhere and remember to check with others if you have lent them anything in your stay there too!

    make sure everythings packed safe in the boxes too, you dont want anything to be lost or broken mid move.