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Friday, June 12, 2009

Volunteer and meet new international students from Europe during the summer

During August 3rd to 20th there will be a group of international students coming from around Europe to study an intensive language course.

In addition to the Swedish language courses the students will be taking part in a variety of activities during the afternoon and evening. Take the chance to meet the students and practice either your English or Swedish with them and organise some activities for them (for example, bbq’s, potluck dinners, museum visits, sports, etc). You will not need to finance any of the activities yourself.

If you are interested send your email to eilc@hb.se no later than Tuesday, July 21st. You can also include any suggestions for your own activities and should inform us during what period from August 3rd-20th you are available. There will be a mandatory introduction meeting on July 30th at 14.00.

Besides the chance to meet students from throughout Europe you will also be able to gain valuable experience to boost your CV. All students who partake will also receive a certificate verifying your participation.

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