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Friday, August 28, 2009

Second-hand bikes

There have been a number of questions regarding second-hand bikes. So far it seems one of the few places to sell second-hand bikes in Borås is Villastadens Cykel- och Mopedverkstad.

Address: Åsbogatan 26 (the same street as the hospital)
Tel: 033-13 26 73
Website: www.dincykel.nu/

If you have tips about any other good, cheap places to find a bike please share your thoughts.


  1. There is also a possibility to get bikes from Stiftelsen Vitryssland, Göteborgsvägen 1, Borås.
    They have used bikes for 300 SEK.
    Their opening hours you can find on their homepage: http://www.stiftelsenvitryssland.org/

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