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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Student corps invoices have arrived

Student corps invoices have arrived to the Student Corps reception on Allégatan 2 for most students who did not enter a Swedish address when registering at the university. The invoices have not arrived for all students who arrived late as the waiting time is generally two weeks from registration for when the form arrives.

After you receive the invoice you will need to pay the fee before you receive your actual student card. There are two ways to pay depending upon if you have or credit card or not.

Paying with credit/debit card:
The fee is to be paid at the Student Corps reception, located across from the main university entrance at Allégatan 2 if you have a credit/debit card.

Paying with cash:
The fee can be paid at any bank if you do not have a credit/debit card. Swedbank at Allégatan 55 is the recommended bank to pay this fee as the extra administrative fee banks usually charge is often not charged for this specific invoice due to an agreement with the Student Corps.

Receiving the card:
After paying you should keep the invoice as your temporary student card. Your real student card will arrive in approximately two weeks to your residence if you gave an address when registering your computer account or when paying the invoice at the Student Corps reception. Otherwise you can pick it up from the reception.

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