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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Swedish course: admission details and what to do if you did not get a place

Admission to the course "Swedish as a Second Language for Beginners for master students, 15 ECTS" is now complete and there are no more places available.

There have been a number of students who have not received a place in the course who have contacted the university asking for an explanation as they applied on the day applications opened.

Admission process to the Swedish course
The basis for admission to the Swedish course is based firstly on the number of credits students have from the University of Borås.

If students do not have any credits from the University of Borås then the admission selection is random selection.

Students who are not admitted receive a place on the waiting list and will be notified if places become available.

Where can I study Swedish otherwise?
If you are still interested in studying Swedish then one option is Folk University. The Folkuniversitet offer Swedish classes for a fee of around 100 euro for a ten week course.

For more information contact Folkuniversitet at:
Address: Södra Kyrkogatan 33
Tel: 033-410008
Email: info.boras@folkuniversitetet.se
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 9-17, Fri 9-15

Theoretically Komvux offer a course for newly arrived immigrants who have a Swedish personal identity number called SFI (Swedish for Immigrants), but due to a shortage of places Komvux do not offer this course to students. The university has discussed this issue with Komvux, but at the moment there is no change in their policy.

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