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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swedish course for masters students

A new Swedish course is available for Master's students. The application deadline is September 25th, and all students who want to study the course must apply, regardless if they have applied for an earlier Swedish course.

Swedish as a Second Language for Beginners for Master students, 7,5 ECTS
The course is offered to students admitted to a Master’s programme at University of Borås. Upon completing the course the student will know enough Swedish to be able to participate in Swedish everyday life. The course is divided into different themes integrating Swedish culture, Swedish society and Swedish working life.

Application deadline
September 25th

Course structure
The course will be held late afternoon, twice a week and will start during week 45.

How to apply and more details:
All students who want to study this course must apply for the course, regardless if you have applied for a previous Swedish course.
Complete details regarding how to apply, who to contact with questions, and more can be found here at:
The university website for the Swedish courses
(the page will be updated shortly to include course information).

Admissions criteria:
The admissions to the course is performed using the following procedure. No exceptions will be made.
1. Number of credits taken at the University of Borås
2. If places are left then admissions is based on random selection

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