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Monday, September 14, 2009

Working and starting a company as an international student - seminar

For students interested in starting a business or working in Sweden

The information is for students who want to know more about how you can start your own business in Sweden, the labour regulations that apply, and tips on how to write a Swedish CV.

Date: October 6th
Time: 16.15-18.30
Place: Room D207
Registration: Signing up is mandatory and can be done using the "anmäl dig här" link through the Drivhuset.

Emma Jessen Krut, manager of Drivhuset i Borås
Get a basic guide in entrepreneurship and the possibilities and risks associated with starting your own business. You will also get information about what business forms are available in Sweden and what your obligations are if you are running a business.

Douglas Washburn, international coordinator
Make sure you are up to date regarding the new labour regulations that apply for international students in Sweden. Learn more about the labour immigration laws that apply for international students in regards to working during your studies, after your studies, and starting up a company in Sweden.

Susanne Håkansson, career counsellor
Learn more about how to apply for jobs in Sweden and how to better prepare yourself for your job search. This includes tips on how to write a Swedish CV as well as how to begin the search for finding a job, including both part-time work and starting your career after your studies. We offer coffee and a sandwich as the course begins.

We will offer coffee and a sandwich at the start of the seminar.

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