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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swine flu vaccinations underway

The first Swine flu vaccinations are now underway in Sweden. Beginning on Monday, October 19th, all the health care centres in Borås will be offering vaccinations for those considered to be in a special risk group. Those in a special risk group will be given priority to the vaccine for the first six weeks. After this period the vaccine will be open to the general public.

International students to be offered vaccine
International students throughout Sweden will be offered the swine flu vaccination by your local health care centre. If you are unsure what health care centre you belong to you can contact the school nurse. Students living at Tunnlandsgatan or Distansgatan are received at Boda Vårdcentral. Read how to find Boda on the university page for healthcare here.

Risk groups
Starting October 19th for a period of six weeks vaccinations will only be offered to people in a special risk group. Those considered to be in such a group are people with the following conditions:
- Pregnant
- Chronic lung illnesses
- Extreme overweight or those with neuromusuclar illness that impact breathing
- Chronic heart or blood vessel illnesses (simply having high blood pressure does not classify you)
- Having a weakened immune system, for example people receiving cancer treatment, transplantations, or HIV
- Chornic liver or kidney problems
- Diabetes
- People with continuous need of medicine to treat asthma over the last 3 years
- Children with cerebral palsy or mutiple handicaps

Timeline for risk group vaccinations
To keep lines down at health care centres a timetable has been designed for those included in the risk groups.

Week 43 (Oct 19-23)
Mon 19 October up to 30 years of age
Tue 20 October up to 30 years of age
Wed 21 October up to 31-50 years of age
Thu 22 October up to 31-50 years of age
Fri 23 October up to 51-65 years of age

Week 44 (Oct 26-Oct 30)
Mon 26 October up to 51-65 years of age
Tue 27 October up to 51-65 years of age
Wed 28 October up to 66 years of age
Thu 29 October up to 66 years of age
Fri 30 October up to 66 years of age

Week 45 (Nov 2-6)
During week 45 all age groups are welcome to visit your health care centre for the vaccination.
More information
Students wanting more information can call 1177 (information is available in English) or speak to the university nurse.

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