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Monday, December 7, 2009

The International Student Committee is looking for new members!

Would you be interested in joining the International Student Committee (ISC) and to introduce new international students to the university and to Borås during the “welcome period” this spring? Then come to the meeting for prospective ISC-members on December 10th to learn more!

What is the International Student Committee and what do they do?
The ISC is a student run and organized group who plan and organize activities for new international students, mainly during the welcome period.The committee has a crucial role in helping new students feel welcome at the University, and in serving as a student buddy for students who are new in Borås and in Sweden. Integrating new students with returning international students and with Swedish students is another important role of the group.Among other things, the ISC plans activities like tours around the city, trips, welcome dinners, sporting events and ice skating. Basically any kind of activity that they think will be fun and that students will like.

Why join the ISC?
As a member of the committee you will get the chance to connect with people from different cultures, practice your English, and to meet new students. It also gives you valuable experience in planning projects, implementing events, and helps you develop social skills that can build your CV. If you want to study abroad, being a member of the ISC even increases your chances of getting a study abroad place from your academic school. Members of the ISC get a certificate of their participation, which can be of use for example when applying for a job or for studies abroad.

Who can join the ISC?
All students, regarding nationality, are welcome to join the ISC. The committee is especially looking for students with a sense of responsibility who are interested in arranging activities for other students and who would like to support new students during their introductory time at University of Borås. Note that all participation is voluntary.

Want to know more?
If this sounds interesting, you are welcome to participate in the meeting for prospective members on December 10th at 5-6 pm. The meeting will be held at Rabalder (the student pub, in the student corps building opposite the main entrance of the university). All students are welcome to participate!
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Linda Rydh at linda.rydh@hb.se.

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