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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures from a memorable and romantic night

Enjoy some of the pictures from the Valentine Party at the Student Union last Saturday! Thanks to the members of the International Student Committee, who put a lot of effort into the preparations and organization of this party, last Saturday night became a night to remember!

Just look at those cute little hearts decorating the floor, or the poster on the wall where the guests wrote love messages in their own language (the same poster is now decorating my office)! Great music from all over the world was played, and the decorations made by Taina, Jaleh and Majid could simply not have been better!

A special thanks to Abdul Majid (team leader), Jaleh Habibnejad, Taina Fareleino, Sikander Jabal, Rajesh R, Jungeun Kim, Julia Hallström, Fateme Saadatmand and Nafiseh Hadizadeh who all contributed to create this romantic atmosphere and a perfect evening!


  1. it was a great experience :)

  2. it was good but some body played indian songs too much that was annoying ..

  3. Great efforts., Music could have been better, it wasn't the taste for a romantic night.

  4. Really Great efforts no doubt. i love that Indian songs.