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Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Cultural Week to Cultural Day

The intended “Cultural Week”, of which I wrote in a previous blog post from February 23rd, has now changed form into a “Cultural Day”. Instead of promoting five countries during a whole week, we have made plans for a fair or “Cultural Day”, when students from a whole range of nationalities will get the opportunity to promote their own cultures to other students. It is preliminary decided that the Cultural Day will take place on May 10th (provided that enough students notify their interests in participating).

So far, only India, Pakistan and China are represented amongst the exhibitors, which means that we are still lacking several nationalities!

If you would like to see your country/culture represented at the Cultural Day, you should send an e-mail to linda.rydh@hb.se where you describe – as detailed as possible – how you would like to present your country.

Also, on April 7th, at 16.00 (room J414) we will have a meeting to discuss the plans. Please, send me an e-mail at linda.rydh@hb.se if you would like to come.

If you have questions about budget, previous years’ Cultural Weeks or something else concerning this event, you are welcome to contact me at linda.rydh@hb.se.

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