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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swedish ID-cards to international students

From now on it will be much easier for international students to get a Swedish ID-card, as it is no longer required to bring an attestor when applying at the Tax Office (Skatteverket ). The ID-card department of Skatteverket in Stockholm has recently announced that international students can simply bring their passport as an approved ID documentation when they apply for ID-cards. This applies both to students from the EU/EEA and to students from outside the EU/EEA. If you have an EU passport, it should carry the biometry symbol. The Tax Office will verify that the same passport was used to identify yourself when you first applied for residence permit to the Migration Board.

Note that only students with a Swedish Personal Identity Number can be granted ID cards and that the Tax Office in Borås does not offer this service. If you would like to apply for a Swedish ID-card, you should visit the Tax Office in Gothenburg at Östra hamngatan 16, on the outside of the mall called Nordstan. Remember to bring with you:

-Your passport

-A receipt that shows that you have paid the application fee (SEK400)

Keep in mind, that there is always a risk that your application is rejected if you do not fulfill the requirements stated. Therefore, you should carefully read through the information available at http://www.skatteverket.se/ (Click on Other Languages in the upper right corner), before you visit the Tax Office.


  1. Thank you Linda! do we need to keep the admission letter with us?

  2. Why do you need an ID card? Can you state your Swedish Personal Identity Number (if you need to do so) without this card?

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for the information, but I don't see anything like this on their website. their is no mention of anythng that u wrote abv. they still require swedish id or sth like that, which is not possible for an international student outside EEA/EU

  4. Hi everybody!

    Yes, a Swedish ID-card, a Swedish drivers license or equivalent, is needed to state your Swedish social security number, for example when buying things in stores. Of course, you could bring a "Personbevis" from the Tax office to prove it, but this certificate is only temporary and most important of all; it does not include a photograph of you, so it is not enough to prove your identity. This article, might help you form an idea of which difficulties an international student might face without this ID-card: http://www.thelocal.se/11732/20080513/

    It is true that the information on the website of the Swedish Tax Office is not compatible with the information I have given you. But I ensure you, that I have phoned and written to the Tax Office's ID department in Stockholm as well as the Tax Office in Göteborg several times. Everytime I have got the same information; It is possible to get an ID-card without having to bring an attestor, and the office in Göteborg has been informed about it. However; they do not know when the information on the website will be updated.

    As far as I know, it should not be necessary to bring an admission letter.


  5. thnx for the clarification. :)

  6. This is true and i have already applied for my swedish ID card

  7. So far this post is the only online evidence that I have gotten for this new rule even though its nearly August, though I'm not surprised. I called the tax office today to ask a question about my failed attempt to bring an attester to which she told me she just needed the page in my passport that has my residence permit to be scanned to her and that would be enough.

  8. That is good news then... ID card is very important for students, super, especially for the young ones. It serves as their identity in case they got lost or something bad happened.

  9. can we do it online? Where to can I just send the scanned file of my residence permit?

  10. im interested to know if anything ever came of this?