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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Would you like to go for an outing with Swedish youths and learn about the Swedes’ views of nature?

John Bauergymnasiet, a high school in Borås, is inviting international students to a trip to the forest on May 4th, to discuss differences and similarities between different cultures’ view of nature. You will get the chance to meet Swedish high school students, learn about the Swedish way of preserving and caring for nature, find out about the Swedish right of public access (allemansrätten) amongst other things. Read the school’s invitation below for more details:


My name is Daniel Lekman I’m a teacher at John BauerGymnasiet (16-19years old) in Borås. I teach different courses within psychology and health including nature and wildlife. On Tuesday 4 of May (08:20-11:20), I like to invite international students of any nation to join me and my class to a class (in the forest). There we will cover the topic what you are allowed to do and what not to do in Sweden (according to public rights access, anyone have the right to travel the forest with some limitations), this will also be an occasion to train wildlife fire starting. The main purpose for my students is to discuss how different countries care about the access to nature. For you this is a good opportunity to meet some Swedish youth and exchange perspectives. I need your answer before Friday 30 of April. There is a limit for how many I can take with me so “first come first served”.

Send your answer or questions by email to Daniel.lekman@johnbauer.nu or call me at 0736251357 (office hours).

With kind regards
/Daniel Lekman

When: Tuesday, May 4th at 8.20
Where: John Bauergymnasiet school located at Älvsborgsgatan 4.
Map: View this link for a map.
How to attend: Send an e-mail to Daniel.lekman@johnbauer.nu. First come first service!

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