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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New International Students at the University of Borås

Over 400 international students joined the University of Borås this semester. Many of them attended the introduction days where they learned more about Sweden, Borås and the University, and received a lot of information on practical matters and about studying at UB. The Student Union and the International Student Committee (student buddies) organised social activities during the first three weeks of the semester. Some of the activities were only for new international students, such as campus, city and bus tour and welcome dinner. Other activities were open to all new students at UB, such as parlor game night, poolparty, “buggkurs”, brännboll tournament, barbecue and a visit to Borås Zoo.

A big welcome to
all the new international
students and a big
thank you to all the student buddies who helped introducing
the new students to the city and to the university!!!

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