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Friday, October 1, 2010

Registration with the Swedish Migration Board and Personnummer for EU citizens

This is a reminder to all students from EU/EEA countries to register their right of residence with the Swedish Migration Board. You can do it either online or by post to: Migrationsverket, Studerandeenheten, 601 70 Norrköping. Fill out the form no. 141011 Registration of right of residence and remember to enclose:
proof of admission to a course programme which is at least at upper secondary school level (a copy of your admission letter to the University of Borås)
assurance that you have sufficient funds for your support (a letter signed by yourself explaining how you support yourself is enough)
documented proof that you have comprehensive health insurance that is valid in Sweden (a copy of your European Health Insurance Card is enough)

Swedish Personal Identity Number for EU citizens
If you are an EU citizen and you would like to have a Swedish Personal Identity Number (personnummer) you need to register at the Migration Board (”right of residence”) and then visit your local tax office and register in the population register (folkbokföring). The officer handling your case will decide if you are granted a Swedish Personal Identity Number. You need to show that you intend to stay at least a year (e.g. admission letter, work contract) and that you can support yourself (e.g. bank statement, transaction receipt). Note that you do not need a Swedish Personal Identity Number to work and pay taxes, a co-ordination number (which you also apply for at the tax office) is enough.

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