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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We're already in February and some of the new international students have been in Borås more than three weeks. I hope that you've settled and are enjoying your studies and new life in Borås. To both new and old students: Welcome to a new semester! And to all student buddies: Thank you for all your hard work during the introduction!

(For more photos by Alvi and other Student Buddies check out the Facebook page)


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  2. Dear Brothers & Sisters of Boras,

    It is a moment of great joy and celebration for us to be the part of this University and Students community in Boras.
    This University provides suitable atmosphere, comfortable and intellectual environment for our international students.
    The teaching faculty members I found here are like a rare treasure of knowledge with untiring efforts to providing every support for students.

    The administrative staff are caring, makes us to feel that they are beside us and ready to help going beyond their way. Whenever we approach with issues or problems they take interest in solving it without leaving any minor issues. The library staffs are a rare source of inspiration for us with their strength and untiring support throughout the day with their guidance/tips to organize things properly for the quest of knowledge.

    The officials at various government offices in Boras City are much disciplined. At the same time they solve the citizen's issues with utmost care and patience, unlike other countries. The people are matured in human Values & Ethics respect others with decency. At the same time they are disciplined & duty minded in their professions, strictly following the principles.

    The beauty of nature during the dawn and during nights in the gleaming lights looks as if it is a small heaven made by the god with care.
    So, as long as I am a resident of Sweden, as a Student of Boras, every minute & instance is retained and then it shine like a memorable moment throughout the rest of my life. I therefore convey a message to people of this world to make their future by studying here in the University of Boras.

    -Chandrahs Roy,
    M.S. Informatics. 1 Yr (Jan 2011-Jan2012)
    University of Boras, Sweden.

    E-Post: chandrahas.roy@gmail.com