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Monday, February 14, 2011

Would you like to take part in an International Bazaar?

Do you make handicrafts, clothes or other things you would like to sell? And/or would you like to present the country and culture you come from?

Then you should take part in an International Bazaar in May!

Last year International Student Services together with the ISC and international students organized a Cultural Day which was very much appreciated. The fair was organized by students from many different countries as a way to celebrate the cultural richness at University of Borås and to give students the opportunity to share their cultures and create a meeting platform. The participants offered food and performances (dance, Kung Fu, yoga) as well as music and henna tattoos. The Cultural Day was also visited by Rector Lena Nordholm, who held an inspiring speech and expressed her wish to make the Cultural Day a regular event.

So I would like to also this year take the initiative of organizing a Cultural Day, but this time combining it with a market! It has come to my attention that a lot of the international students at UB make their own handicrafts and clothes, and would like to have the opportunity to sell their merchandise. (But if you don’t have anything to sell you can just as well participate and present your country).

The preliminary date for the bazaar is 4 may, outside the University library.

If you would be interested in taking part in the international bazaar please email me, emma.bergstedt@hb.se and let me know if you would like to sell something and/or if you would like to promote you country and culture, and how. Each country will get funding for food and decorations but not for material to make things to sell. You will also receive a certificate of participation.

I will need your answer before 3 March. I will then call for a meeting where we can discuss further how to arrange the bazaar in the best way.

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