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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Easter (a bit in advance)

21-25 April is Easter weekend this year (Friday 22 April and Monday 25 April are public holidays). Easter in Sweden is usually celebrated at home with relatives, eating a traditional Easter lunch or dinner (for example, fish, eggs and potatoes). It is quite a secular holiday in Sweden compared to other countries where Easter is a Christian holiday (there is also the Jewish Easter: Passover) celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are however some Easter activities in churches in Sweden. Another Easter tradition is for children to dress up as Easter witches and go from house to house in the neighborhood and give out drawings in return for sweets (sort of a Swedish “trick or treat”). You can read more about Easter holiday in Sweden here. In Borås there will be an Easter parade on Saturday 23 April. Both Friederike and I will be on holiday as from tomorrow until next Monday (15-26 April). We’re back at the office on Tuesday 27 April!

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