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Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you leaving Borås?

The time to go home is fast approaching for many of you. While exams are likely to be on your minds I would like to remind all students of a few tasks that need to be done before you go home.

1. Give notice to your landlord. If you do not give notice in advance you risk having to pay more rent, in some cases a couple of months worth of rent (check with your landlord how long the time of notice is, for AB Bostäder it is one month). So please contact your landlord as soon as possible to inform them you are planning on moving out. Don't forget to return your keys as well.
2. Return your access tag. Please return your access tag. During opening hours you can leave it at the Student Centre.
3. Return your library books and your library card. Make sure to return any books you have borrowed and to return your library card. Speak to the personnel at the information desk of the library to return your card.
4. Transcript of records, confirmation of studies, other documents. Do you have any documents you need printed or signed before you leave?
5. Fill out the survey for international students. The survey is available at: http://tiny.cc/hqz5h
6. Go to the goodbye party and visit the zoo (see below)

I hope you have had a good time at the University of Borås and I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!

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