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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Information about Driver's Licenses

Students with a driver's license from outside the EU

Students with a driver's license from a country outside the EU are allowed to drive in Sweden for a period of one year after the date you have officially registered (folkbokfört) at the Tax Office and received a Swedish personal identity number. Notice that the date is not from when you arrive in Sweden, but from when you receive your number. After this time you need to get a Swedish driver's license or apply for an exemption as an international student. Note that getting a Swedish driver's license is a complicated, fairly time consuming, and expensive process.

How to apply for an exemption:

Students with a license from outside the EU are allowed to apply to renew the length they can drive on an exemption that they will stay here for only a limited time. This only applies if you are not planning on staying in Sweden after your studies and does not grant any kind of permanent license. The application requires an application to the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) and an non-refundable application fee of 600 SEK.

Send the following to Transportstyrelsen 701 97 Örebro:
- A letter explaining why you want an exemption. Include your contact details.
- A letter from the university stating the length of your admittance to the university and that you are a student
- A copy of your driver's license

They will send you an invoice for the fee of 600 SEK, as well as more information about your exemption.

For more information you can see the website of Transportstyrelsen as well as Körkortsportalen.

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