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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

International Bazaar planning meeting #2

For all of you who could not join our last meeting we will have a second meeting for planning the upcoming International Bazaar on May 9, 11am-3pm in front of the library.

In order to make it a great success we are asking for your participation!
We already have a number of students representing their countries and if you are also interested please come to the meeting or contact us. You are welcome to contribute with performances like dancing, singing, playing traditional music, presenting typical fashion etc. Of course several students can get together to represent their home country or do performances together.
As last year we would also like to give you the chance to sell self made or traditional handicrafts.

Good to know:
Per country you will receive a budget of 700 SEK to buy e.g. food and prerequisites for representing the chosen country (receipts need to be returned to us afterwards for bookkeeping reasons).
The budget cannot be used to buy material for or the handicrafts themselves.
In order to start the preparations and in order to see your needs (e.g. technical equipment) you are all invited to a the second meeting on Tuesday 3 April to share your ideas and suggestions for this year's International Bazaar. We hope that as many as possible will participate to make it an unforgettable event for all of us and to enrich the international student life in Borås!
International Bazaar planning meeting #2:
Tuesday, 3 April 2012, room H503, at 4pm

Contact: internationalstudent@hb.se

Looking forward to hear about your ideas and contributions!

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