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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Investigation on support services - your feedback is important!

The university is currently investigating different kinds of support services offered to students including functions like the Student Centre, Admission office, Ladok, Examination office, all functions within the Student Services (International Student Services, Career Service, Study Counselling, Student Health Care, Student Ombudsman, Functional Disabilities, Student Support - Language & Speech, Maths Support Services), IT-support, Student Union and other support functions or activities you can imagine as support for all students in Borås.
We would like to know more about your experiences and ideas on how to improve those services and their location!

Maybe you have experience/good practice examples from other universities in Sweden or other countries?
Do you actually know which kind of support functions that exist at the University of Borås?
Do you think the support functions are located in the right places?
Where can you see improvements?
You are all invited to a workshop on 21 March at 16:30 - max. 18:00, we meet in front of room J413.
Fika will be offered and all participants can receive a certificate of participation confirming their engagement in university related matters if interested.
Please register to the workshop by writing an e-mail to internationalstudent@hb.se
latest Monday 19 March.
Looking forward to your contribution and feedback!

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