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Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter sports activities around Borås

During the winter some of the jogging tracks are converted to skiing tracks like in Kranmossen or Kypegården. But you will have to bring your own cross country skis and equipment.

Ymergården - http://www1.idrottonline.se/IKYmer/Ymergarden/
At Ymergården you can even borrow cross country skis from the local sports club Ymer and test one of the different tracks which are between 1.5-10 km long. Check their website for more information. http://www1.idrottonline.se/IKYmer/Ymergarden

For ice skating and curling you shall visit Borås Ishallen where you can rent ice skates and helmets for approximately 50 SEK on Saturday and Sunday during the publicly open skating sessions -> Borås Ishallen Opening hours
Another very popular plact to go is Ulricehamn - a small municipality very close to Borås that offers lots of outdoor space especially adapted for winter sports and downhill skiing. You don’t have to be a professional skiier to enjoy your time. The ski centre at Vistabergen offers 7 downhill tracks. Find more information at www.ulricehamn.se or http://www.uc-skidcenter.se.

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