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Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday fun - Ski in Ulricehamn

Ulricehamn Ski Centre is a popular Skiing destination in the south of Sweden, located only an hour from Borås with bus. Ulricehamn Ski centre has seven slopes and one snowboard park. The Ski Centre opens when it starts to get cold and snowy.

A one day ski card costs 280 SEK and a half day costs 240 SEK. On Wednesday they have a special prize 120 SEK for the afternoon/evening. If you are a beginner you can buy a one hour ski lesson for 450 SEK, or 270 SEK/person if you are a couple or 233 SEK if you are a group of three. Down hill skiing/snowboard equipment can be rented at the Ski Centre, 240/280 SEK for a half day or 280/300 SEK for a whole day.

For more information (website only in Swedish) visit Ulricehamn Ski Centres website. Or contact Ulricehamn Tourist office.

Take bus 200 from Borås Resecentrum to Ulricehamn (40 min). Find a suitable bus at Västtrafik.se.

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