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Friday, December 11, 2015

Hearing in Gothenburg 2 December

Last week the Swedish Council for Higher Education organised a hearing in Gothenburg to discuss conditions for international students coming to Sweden to study. University of Borås was invited together with University West, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. 16 students from Borås took part in the Hearing, eager to share their opinions. On place were all students divided into seven groups to discuss one of following topics:

1.       Application and admission, fees and scholarships
2.       Arrival in Sweden, practicalities and problems
3.       Study in Sweden, academic culture, relation to professors and study counsellors
4.       Health and wellbeing, access to health care
5.       Completion of studies – career guidance, alumni activities, stay to work in Sweden
6.       Live in Sweden – social life and outside campus
7.       International students as a resource in teaching and research

All students taking part in the Hearing had a lot of feedback to offer and suggestions to make, both on what Sweden already is doing well, but also on what can be approved. Hopefully the comments from this day will help to make Sweden be even more attractive for international students.

Participants from the University of Borås, together with some fellow students from the other universites.

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